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One word: justice. Everything we seek to do at Grace Landing is about justice. Justice for the fatherless. Justice for the forgotten youth of our community. Justice for the youth most people don’t care about.

Homeless youth, aged out foster youth and youth still in foster care are a forgotten and underserved demographic of our community. The way our community marginalized and disregards them is unjust. To salve our conscience we pretend like they don’t exist.

But they do.

At Grace Landing, everything we do is an intentional, purposeful attempt to bring them justice. We have multiple ways in which we seek justice for homeless youth, aged out foster youth and foster youth. We offer an Independent Living program whose purpose is to equip homeless and aged out foster to live independently.

Grace Landing’s mission is to provide the physical, social, mental, and spiritual needs of our young men and to help them gain the skills to be good citizens in the community. Our purpose is to address and resolve issues for homeless youth who are between the ages of 18 and 23, many of whom have aged out of the foster care system.  Grace Landing provides a stable home environment where young adults can feel safe and secure, where they learn how to manage money, develop life and coping skills, receive counseling and referral to necessary supports, services, and health care.

Grace Landing works to address the issue of homelessness for youth who would otherwise be on the street.  Our youth in this age group are vulnerable to Sex Trafficking, drugs and usually have not completed high school. The only other place for these youth is the Homeless Shelter.

We are connecting our heart to youth to provide them a home, so they can have a better tomorrow